About Us

Leading With More Than 40 Years Of Experience

PMI has been a leader in the agri-business and bulk material handling industries for more than forty years.

Quality Work, Completed On Time And Within Budget Price

The industries we serve continue to turn to us with their new construction, plant renovation, design services and equipment installation needs.

Company History

PMI was originally formed as a subsidiary of Todd and Sargent in 1975 as Preventive Maintenance Incorporated (PMI).  It's original purpose was to provide maintenance services to ag industry customers.  As a result of the state of Iowa adopting the Special Purpose Elevator code, PMI's maintenance experience met the increased demand for manlift services.

In 1979 Gary Sondgeroth and millwright crews transferred from Todd and Sargent to PMI.  These resources focused on smaller millwright customers and ultimately became the foundation of the current PMI.

On January 1, 2001, RJ Garrison and Todd and Sargent formed a new company, PMI Iowa LLC, which consisted of the Iowa millwright division.  Gary Sondgeroth assumed the role as the managing member and President of the new company.  RJ Garrison concluded the buyout of Todd and Sargent in December of 2005.  On April 1, 2006 RJ Garrison purchased the manlift division from Todd and Sargent, creating the company as it exists today.

PMI is a limited liability corporation owned by RJ Garrison Inc.  Principles are Gary Sondgeroth and Rhonda Sondgeroth.